Have your Audit or Review performed by a Local Firm with specialized Experience.

We serve two industries: Nonprofits & Contractors

Other firms say they specialize, but then they list 20 different industries on which they focus.  We’re not sure they understand the word specialize.  We only list two, and we have a wealth of experience with nonprofits and contractors that we’ll put to work for you.

Audit and Review Services

 Nonprofit Audits

Nonprofit accounting can be complicated, and you need a firm that knows the nonprofit accounting intricacies.  The state of Tennessee requires a nonprofit submit an audit report with their charitable solicitations filing if their receipts exceed $500,000.  We provide those audits, and we often give advice along the way.  Be sure to check out our nonprofit page to see our other great nonprofit services.

 Contractor Reviews

If you are applying for a contractor license with a limit up to $1,500,000 in the state of Tennessee you will need to have a review performed to submit with your application.  We can help you with that process and provide the review.

 Contractor Audits

Need an unlimited contractor license in Tennessee?  You’ll need to have an audit performed, and that’s where we can help. Once you get your unlimited license you’ll need to have a review every two years, and we can help with that too.

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