2017 Tax Filings Update

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Tax filing season is upon us, and we have a couple of important updates for you.  As always, our goal is to make taxes, accounting and compliance as easy as possible for you so the changes we have implemented are for that purpose. However, we can still handle things in a similar manner as it was handled in the prior … Read More

Tax Reform Update

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Tax Reform Update As you may know, there are changes that take effect beginning in 2018 under the recent major piece of tax legislation called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the Act). The Act impacted tax rates for individuals and corporations as well as numerous additional areas. One overarching thought is in these last few days it may be … Read More

Employee or Subcontractor?

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On July 15, 2015 the US Department of Labor issued some guidance on how to classify workers as employees or subcontractors.  On one hand the clarification is welcomed because we often get the question “Do I need to set Tim up on payroll as an employee, or can I pay him has a subcontractor?”, and the clarification and summary we ... Read More

Corporate Records Scam

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Update for 2015 – They’re out again.  Here is the article we wrote in 2013. We recently received an official-looking form titled 2013 – Annual Minutes Form.  It looks like this organization would like to charge you $125 to prepare and provide you with corporate minutes required by TN.  Secretary of the great state of TN has issued a press release warning … Read More

1099s Need to be sent

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Attention Business OwnersYou may need to issue a 1099 before January 31st. Did you pay a person or company more than $600 during the year?  You may need to issue a 1099 before January 31st. Be sure to read the filing requirements below and contact us if you have any questions or if you would like us to assist you.  Give ... Read More

Going Paperless

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We made the transition to a paperless office, and we learned a lot along the way. First, a disclaimer: you will still find paper in our office. Perhaps the term ‘paperless’ is a bit of a misnomer. It is true that we use much less paper, but we are not a paper free office. It should be noted on the … Read More

New Local Business License due date

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*** TAX ALERT *** NEW DUE DATES FOR LOCAL BUSINESS LICENSE TAX RETURNS In an effort to streamline the filing process of business license tax returns, the Tennessee Department of Revenue has made some changes to the due date for the filing of county and city business license tax returns. A business’ tax period will now coincide with its fiscal … Read More

Healthcare Reform notice due 10/1/2013

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Is your company covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act? If so, it is required to provide a written notice to its employees the Health Insurance Marketplace Exchange by October 1, 2013.  However, there is no fine or penalty under the law for failing to provide the notice. The notice should inform employees: • About the Health Insurance Marketplace; • … Read More

Healthcare Reform Roadmap

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The Healthcare Reform has financial, reporting and tax requirements that business’s and individuals’ must comply with.  We’ve created this infographic to highlight the major points.  An Acrobat version is also available.  

Avoid Hefty IRS Penalties

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Businesses are required to issue Form 1099-Misc for payments made of $600 or more for services, rents, attorney fees, medical & health care services, etc. paid to individuals, partnerships, LLC’s and some corporations. A comprehensive list of payments requiring 1099’s, is included in the instructions for 1099-Misc and can be found on the IRS website. The IRS is focusing on … Read More